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Welcome to RVS College of Physiotherapy

Dr. K.V. Kuppusamy , The Chairman

Dr. K.V.Kupusamy is the founder of the "RATHNAVEL SUBRAMANIAM EDUCATIONAL TRUST" in the name of his son Rathnavel Subramaniam in 1983. He was awarded the Doctor of Philosophy in Education by Dianora University (Italy) in 1993. He was also awarded sovereign Excellency Knight, VIDYA JYOTHI for his achievements in the field of Educational Service in 1994, GLORY OF INDIA by International Friendship Society of India, UDYOG EXCELLENCE, VIJAY SHREE and BHARAT JYOTHI for his achievements in the field of Technology, Public life, Social Service, Education, Business & Industry in 1994.

Mr. K. Senthil Ganesh ,The Managing Trustee

Mr. K. SENTHIL GANESH is the Managing Trustee of the institution. He obtained his MBA degree at Texas A.M. University U.S.A in 1997. He also obtained M.Sc. (Software Engineering) at University of Westminister, London, U.K. in 2004 and FMA Honor Society, USA (Financial Management Association). He manages the day-to-day affairs of the Trust. He is the Director of RVS Infotech Ltd., Coimbatore and RVS Agrotech Ltd., Thathankulam. He is dynamic, visionary and he inspires the institution to success. The new state of art computer lab shows his immense interest in the development of the college.

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