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Trust History
RVS Educational Trust, established in 1984, stands as one of the largest educational institutions in South India, particularly in Tamil Nadu. With a steadfast dedication to the education sector, we've prioritized student satisfaction for more than 35 years of successful operation to enhance educational quality for society.

About Chairman

Dr. K. V. Kupusamy, our esteemed Chairman, is the visionary behind the establishment of over 80 prestigious institutions across Tamil Nadu. These institutions encompass diverse fields such as education, healthcare, and agriculture, reflecting his dedication and commitment to addressing societal challenges through these avenues.

About Managing Trustee

Dr. K. Senthil Ganesh has a keen focus on advancing education for the digital era. As the Managing Trustee of RVS Educational Institutions, he emphasizes the integration of digital technologies to enhance learning experiences and prepare students for the demands of the modern world.

With 25 years of senior management experience spanning Strategy, Finance, and Marketing across various business functions, Dr. Senthil Ganesh initiated a transformative project in 2008. Acknowledging the importance of Digital Transformation and Disruption, he concentrated on RVS Colleges of Arts and Science, Health Sciences, and Ayurveda. This division witnessed remarkable growth, with student enrollment increasing from 2500 to over 7500 within a decade, earning numerous accolades—all aligned with the vision of providing relevant education for the digital era.

Beyond his role at RVS Educational Institutions, Dr. K. Senthil Ganesh also serves as the Chairman of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry), Coimbatore zone, a testament to his unwavering commitment to the development and progress of the region.

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